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Is 'Elf on the Shelf' a Christmas Tradition? 10 Naughty Elf on the Shelf Ideas from Freckles and Daisies.

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Freckles and Daisies Baby and Toddler Christmas Romper With Elf on the Shelf Print.

Is 'Elf on the Shelf' a Christmas Tradition? 

The 'Elf on the Shelf' is a popular Christmas tradition in the Freckles and Daisies household. Our 2 small Elf’s watch over our children and report back to Santa Claus. While the elf is typically well-behaved, there are also times when they can get a little mischievous.

Freckles and Daisies Elf on the Shelf Romper on a baby

We love our Elf’s Buddy Bauble and Jingle bell so much they inspired our Freckles and Daisies Treat Elf Print as below. The print captures the Wickedness, Colour and Personality Elf’s will bring to every family home this Christmas. The Treat your Elf Print can be made into many products such as Baby/ Toddler rompers, Sleepsuits, baby Grows, Bibs and a Unique Christmas Jumpers.

Christmas Collection , Baby and Toddler Christmas Outfits – Freckles and daisies

Christmas Jumper Day on December the 7th

It’s the traditional Christmas Jumper Day on December the 7th and our signature Freckles and Daisies Christmas Jumpers made for Family Christmas Traditions.

Christmas Jumpers – Freckles and daisies

Our Bestseller and Favorite Christmas Jumper: 

Treat Your Elf on The Shelf Christmas Jumper – Freckles and daisies

Treat Your elf on the shelf Christmas Jumper for Baby and Toddlers

Here are 10 ideas for naughty elf antics:

  1. The Toilet Paper Trail: Unroll a long trail of toilet paper leading from the bathroom to another room in the house.
  2. The Remote Control mayhem: Hide the remote control in a place that's hard to find, like the back of the refrigerator or in a drawer full of socks.
  3. The Messy Bedroom: Make a mess in your child's bedroom by scattering clothes on the floor, unmaking the bed, and leaving toys strewn about.
  4. The Midnight Snack: Leave crumbs and empty wrappers around the kitchen to show that the elf has been sneaking snacks.
  5. The Cornflake Volcano: Pile the Cornflakes into a volcano shape on the kitchen table, while the Elf’s overlook..
  6. The Toothpaste Art: Create toothpaste art on the bathroom mirror or on the walls.
  7. The Confetti Catastrophe: Open a package of confetti and let it fly, leaving a trail of colorful chaos in the elf's wake.
  8. The Glitter Explosion: Sprinkle glitter everywhere, from the countertops to the carpet, to add a touch of sparkle to the house.
  9. The Snowball Fight (Indoors): Use marshmallows or cotton balls to create a mess of pretend snow and scatter them throughout the house.
  10. The Elf Escape: Leave a note behind saying that the elf has had enough of being watched by Santa Claus and is running away to find a new home where they can be naughty without any rules.

Always supervise your children around any potential hazards.

Whatever your Christmas Traditions this December we have an unique Christmas Collection from age 0- 7 years old made for your Family Traditions!

 Christmas Collection, Baby and Toddler Christmas Outfits – Freckles and Daisies


Happy Christmas!


Andrea and the F and D Gang!

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